Outdoorarea - concerts and open air events.

A unique postindustrial space, an area of 4,5 ha, which lies in the closest vicinity of the Gdansk Shipyard Centre building, may contain about 78 000 people. It sustains an adequate space for large mass open-air spectacles. This area is fully fenced, has a full sanitation and catering facilities, mobile fences and the possibility to build tribunes.

In case of large productions there is a possibility of enlarging the space up to about .8,5 ha and allowing for an audience of almost 110.000 people.

An great advantage of this facility is its location which enable the guests to arrive and depart from the object quickly and safely to and from all sectors and the vincity of the hospitable Gdansk city centre and all communication lines. Good logistics will make you and your guests satisfied and the event a succes.

This area was the arena for the equine driving competition Jantar Stocznia Gdańska 2005 which took place while celebrating 25 th anniversary of Gdansk August '80 and the rise of NSZZ "Solidarity" but also for a large anniversary J.M. Jarre's project J.M. Jarre's " Space of freedom ", which hosted almost 110 000 people. But that's just the beginning...