Vast but at the same time comfortable area designed for movie and theatre premieres,
fashion shows, concerts and outdoor events, congresses, conferences, symposium,
closed entertainments, fairs, gala and events. It has also been an arena for extreme fighting
K1 and MMA and production-technical backstage area for J.M. Jarre's project " Space of freedom " .
The Concert hall is equipped with a 12x9 m stage, separate sockets
for connecting lighting and sound devices. There are four wardrobes situated behind the stage, two of which contain showers and the "VIP room".
This hall has two independent bars, one of which is placed on a spacious balcony, which can host additional 250 people and is a suitable place to create a "VIP area".
There is also a possibility of putting coctail tables, catering tables or just chairs and eating tables there.

Hall capacity:
standing version: approximately 1500 people
cinema version: approximately 700 chairs
version with the fighting arena: approximately 800 chairs
dining version: approximately 450 people