The Gdansk Shipyard Centre is located on the former grounds of the historical Gdansk Shipyard which was named after Lenin, it lays in a direct neighbourhood of Solidarity square (busses, tramways, taxi-stand), and only 500m away from the train station Gdańsk Główny (PKP, SKM) and the old town, 8 km away from Lech Wałęsa's Airport in Gdansk - Rebiechów ( cheap Airline, LOT e.t.c.).

You will find a detailed accessplan on the maps below:

(mapa pochodzi z Portalu www.trojmiasto.pl)



In case of large mass spectacles the vincity of the hospitable Gdansk city centre and all communication lines enable the guests to arrive and depart from the object quickly and safely to and from all sectors, providing them with a comfortable return home or to a nearby hotel-base or the perspective of spending the saved time in the Old Town's cafes. Taking this into account the CSG establishes a new quality in the field of the organisation of large concerts and mass spectacles. This gives us the superiority right next to the Cracows Market-place and in the case of ticketed- events unoubtedly the number one position.